Hikari no Runaissance(Osaka)


Hey guys!

Today, I am going to share the photo report about the event “Hikari no kyoen 2018” in Osaka.


1.General information

This event “Hikari no kyoen20XX” is the illumination event which have been held in Osaka every winter.
This event is composed of two core programs and some other small programs.
I went the one of the core programs “Hikari no Renaissance” at Nakanoshima.
The other core program is “Midosuji illumination 2018”, it’s quite close to the Nakanoshima,
so why not try to join both of the events. (5mins by taxi, 20mins on foot)


These events are held in the different schedule for each.

Hikari no Renaissance 2018 : 14th Dec. 2018 – 25th Dec. 2018 (12 days)

Midosuji illumination 2018 : 4th Nov. 2018 – 31th Dec. 2018 (about two months)


1.The season that I visited

The date that I join the event is 22th Dec. 2018, Saturday.
The time of the arrival to this event is around 20:00.
(FYI, the lights will be down at 22:00)
I got only 2 hours, but I could have fun a lot.


First of all, how busy the event is.

In my opinion, I didn’t feel it is so busy to take pics.


Actually, this date was the first day of the three holiday in a row, moreover, it was not so cold outside even on January, so I expected this event to be busy. However, it wasn’t crowded. That was quite anticlimactic.


Of course, it was not “Totally uncrowded”. There are “some” people, but it was not packed.
“The time that I visit” and “The date that I visit” made this happen.
The time that I visit was , as written above, around 20:00, that was a little bit late time.
The date that I visit was , as written above, 22th Dec. 2018, that was not very Christmas.


Otherwise I just felt it was not so crowded because I experience the KOBE luminaries which is totally packed.

So I got my time to take photograph.


For the detail of the “Hikari no Kyoen”, you may better visit the web site blow!







2.how to get access

This event is held in and around the Nakanoshima park.
Some other lights are illuminated at Osaka city office.
The lanterns and the big snowman is here in Nakanoshima park.

By train
The closest station

・Kitahama station on the Osaka metro SAKAISUJI line and Keihan line

・Yodoyabashi station on the Osaka metro MIDOSUJI line and Keihan line


By car
The cost for the parking lot is around 1300 yen ~ 1500 yen / maximum.

I visited this place by car. There are many parking lots around the Nakanishima, so you will never be struggle to find the place to park. However, the parking lots along the river (which is closest one to the Nakanoshima park) are quite busy. You can find the place when you get away from the river a little bit.






3.Location hunting

The numbers in the figure below is related with the one in the “4.gallery”.
You can find this page from google map by searching “Nakanoshima park“.
(Sorry for your inconvenience with this map in Japanese language)








Body:Nikon D7100
Lense:AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8
Shutter speed:15 sec
F number:f11
Focal length:52.5mm
(Developed with Lightroom)




Body:Nikon D7100
Lense:AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8
Shutter speed:1/25 sec
Focal length:52.5mm
(Developed with Lightroom)



Body:Nikon D7100
Lense:SIGMA 10.0-20.0 mm f/4.0-5.6
Shutter speed:1/8sec
Focal length:15mm
(Developed with Lightroom)




That’s all, bye!