Nippachi profile



Hello! This is Nippachi!


I practice the photograph here in Japan.

I have a while which to travel abroad,

however I haven’t notice how interesting the photograph really is

and couldn’t use my own camera well.

So there are no such a stunning photos about the travel…


Now, my dream is “travel around the world and capture beautiful view”,

after skill up the photograph in Japan.


Then, an idea came up in my mind.

Why not to blog the report of the photography in Japan!


When I read what I have wrote in the past, I could tell how I skill up the photograph.

(That’s interesting to compare what I have felt in the past and what I have felt today.)

Moreover I was so happy ,if I could help someone to find spots for photograph in Japan.


SO I have decided to start blogging about my photograph activities!!


Basically I am in Kansai area which is around the Osaka,

so the photo reports in Kansai is often posted.


Hit me up if you live in Kansai and take photo!!



The reason that I call myself as “Nippachi” is that

I love my lens TAMRON70-200mm/f2.8(Nippachi lens)!




Please have a look my blog!!